Cineplexx - Magenta
2013 Nuevahola Records (UK)

New & FREE LP: Cineplexx - Magenta

Over the last 2 years Cineplexx has recorded cover versions of some of his favorite bands. Now you can listen to 11 of this songs and get ready for the autumn. The list includes cover versions of Broadcast, The Kinks, Saint Etienne, Elliot Smith, BMX Bandits, The Zombies and many more.


1. Into the night (Julee Cruise cover) 03:28
2. You're In A Bad Way (Saint Etienne cover) 03:22
3. French Disko (Stereolab cover) 03:26
4. Come On Let's Go (Broadcast cover) 03:34
5. I Remember When I Loved Her (The Zombies cover) 02:45
6. Just You (Twin Peaks song) 05:27
7. What Goes On (The Velvet Underground cover) 03:39
8. Speed Trials (Elliott Smith cover) 03:06
9. Tired of Waiting for You (The Kinks cover) 02:29
10. Love Supposed To Be Fun (BMX Bandits cover) 02:55
11. Estrella Solitaria (Suarez cover, Heidi TV Series song) 01:57