Cineplexx - Perfume Remix (Free EP!)
2013 Nuevahola Records (UK)

To celebrate this lovely summer days Cineplexx releases a free EP "Perfume Remix" with remixes of songs from Perfume.
Remixes by Montag (Canada), Violeta Vil (Spain), Roger Delahaye a.k.a. Poltamento (Argentina), Wechsel Garland (Germany) & Freddy Knop (Germany). Enjoy!

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01 Cineplexx - Perfume - Violeta Vil remix
02 Cineplexx - Estaciones (feat. Cathy Claret) - Montag remix
03 Cineplexx - Bicho Palo - Roger Delahaye a.k.a. Poltamento remix
04 Cineplexx - Volando (feat. Ana Montiel) - Freddy Knop Remix
05 Cineplexx - Este Final (under the influence) - Wechsel Garland remix

All songs by Sebastian Litmanovich, feat. Cathy Claret (Estaciones) and Ana Montiel (Volando), from the album Perfume (Nuevahola Records). © Sebastian Litmanovich 2013

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